Create personalized shopping experiences and build strong relationship between customers and retailers

SysCon Solutions offers a wide range of services which align to the needs of retail organizations to manage sales order management, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, payment processes, distribution, retail accounts management and warranty management. Our analytical service framework help organizations take insightful decisions to improve sales performance, achieve better responsiveness, and streamline supply chain management.


SysCon Solutions has a suite of solutions to create a solid foundational data and analytics platform for customer, merchandising and operational decisions. We offer our expertise in retail, supply chain management and BI reporting for measurable performance growth in customer-driven analytics, supply chain, sales, merchandising, store and product mix.


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve target list with accurate and updated data
  • Run loyalty programs and boost revenues


  • Understand shopper movement
  • Identify high and low engagement areas
  • Measure attention time


  • Drive more traffic to your store
  • Delight consumer increase shopper engagement
  • Engage with your most valuable shoppers


  • Know your shopper closely
  • Understand the impact of show room in your store
  • Engage and create sweetening experiences


  • Make quick data-driven decisions
  • Optimize queue performance
  • Monitor floor path and hot spots


  • Enhance merchandise and space performance
  • Better understand shopping experiences with optimized layouts
  • Measure dwell time


Improved Operational Efficiency

Increase overall performance by optimizing staffing allocations, marketing spend and store opening hours.

Best Practices Across Stores

Recognize and distribute best practices between the stores. Understand practices that produce inferior performance.

Optimized Experience & Loyalty

Identify, test and adopt store layouts & concepts that result in best customer engagement, loyalty and sales.

Increased Average Store Performance

Bridge performance gaps between stores by benchmarking stores against each other and setting up relevant KPIs.